I will not die but live, and will proclaim what the Lord has done. Psalm 118:17


I am blessed beyond belief to be on this trip with Hannah. Hannah is dedicated and strong. She’s deep and extremely observant. She’s an analyzer and a thinker. She leads by serving quietly. She has a kind, quiet, gentle spirit. She is deeply devoted to God. She’s honest and funny. She’s a fighter, not someone who gives up. She’s beautiful. She’s constant. She’s a faithful friend. She is an encourager..not in a loud, cheerleader way, but in the way that she knows your heart and knows exactly what you need. She is thoughtful and selfless. Hannah and I met almost 2 years ago now our freshman year at OSU. I was so scared to go to college. I didn’t want to leave home and my friends and my church and the identity that I had built for myself. I was so convinced that I wouldn’t know any Christians, and therefore not have any good deep friends who could push me like I knew I needed to be pushed. It may sound crazy and overdramatic, but it’s what I feared. But God was faithful. He put me on the third floor of Siebert Hall with 2 other nursing majors who took me along to orientation day with them. I had no idea that day that those two girls would have such an impact on my life. Not only did Hannah and her roommate Abby turn out to be people to walk to nursing with, but they turned out to be strong Christian women who went to church with me, and we were all in a small group together that year. They became some of my deepest friends, supported me, encouraged me, and pushed me towards God. Girls I shared my life with, laughed with, cried with. One of my first distinct memories of Hannah and I past that she knocked on my door and asked me to walk with them, is her asking questions about my life. We were just walking somewhere on campus and this girl I barely knew was asking me to share deep things about my life..but I was thankful. I wanted someone to know me deeply and know my life, why not start out going deep?? Deep we went. We became fast friends. Sharing good things and hard things. She was my first friend at college, and I am so thankful. We shared life just down the hall from each other, eating our meals together, nearly all of our classes were together (I specifically remember lots and lots of chem labs :), small group together, studying and homework, deep conversations and lighthearted ones, walking places, attending H20, sleepovers and movie nights…just life. All the time. Hannah and Abby became my roommates sophomore year, as we fought our way through our intense first year of nursing together. Together we learned a lot about life and relationships, conflict and communication, supporting each other and love, God and ministry. Anyway…I just wanted to communicate how it still seems crazy to me how blessed I am that God put Hannah and I together 2 years ago because he knew I needed that friendship. And how without that, we wouldn’t be here in Kenya together. I am thankful Hannah is here with me. I’m learning how well we balance each other. We are very different. Those of you who know us both I think would agree. And even those of you who don’t can probably tell by our blogs..I haven’t read hers at all, but I’m just guessing they are pretty different even though we see the same things every day. Our personalities are just different. She’s neat, I’m messy. She thinks things through, I more go on a whim and think later. She analyzes things while I first process things with my emotions. I talk a lot, Hannah is an excellent listener. I’m a leader by doing, Hannah leads by serving. I’m a hugger and a cuddler, Hannah not so much (right Erin? though we are working on it :). Hannah hates to be idle, I sometimes can like to just sit (I don’t like to think of it as lazy, just being). Hannah likes to wash the dishes, I’d rather rinse and dry. She’s more of a morning person, I’m more of a night. Neither is right or wrong, we are just different people. And I don’t think I realized how well we compliment each other until this trip, even after living with her for a year. But God has really put it together so that we work and live well together here. Whether it is in the clinic, doing dishes, cooking, cleaning, or playing with the kids, I have thoroughly enjoyed working by her side. Hannah notices things I never would, like the beauty of the littlest thing in nature or the emotions one of the kids is trying to hide. Her view of the world makes me stop and appreciate things I never think about. Her attention to detail help me to take in what is going on around me. She can stay calm when I get worked up or overwhelmed, and I can laugh at things when she gets worked up or overwhelmed. She picks on me when I make a mistake, making me see how it’s not a big deal. She puts me before herself. Her fascination with the little things in life push me to see the beauty God gives us. She just helps me to see life, God, and our time here in a different light, and I’m thankful. Hannah has been a rock on this trip. I thought, and worried, that because I’ve been here before, I’d have to always be strong or know what’s going on. Nope. Hannah fell right into life here, taking everything in step. She’s supported me when I’m crying. She’s picked me up when I’m discouraged. She pushes me when I’m exhausted. She excels at nursing and loves these kids so well. And maybe the most encouraging thing of all, Hannah has really pushed me in my faith. She tries to memorize a Bible verse a day..and one day during our 45 minute walk to the clinic in the morning she started saying her verse of the day out loud to me. Since that day, we’ve made it a habit to memorize the verse together. She always comes with one she wants to memorize, and we quiz each other until we can recite it back to the other. She asks me how my quiet times are going, and how my heart is doing. She asks to pray together out loud while we lay in the dark in our bunk beds. She comes up with ideas I overlook, like to be praying together for the kids here. She shares with me cool passages from her CS Lewis devotion book that make me think. I’ve seen God in new ways and drawn nearer to him this trip because of the ways Hannah influences my life. I don’t have words other than I’m blessed and extremely thankful that Hannah is here with me. Asante sana Baba. I tell you about the things we do and see, and what I think about them, but one of the biggest parts of this trip is my time with Hannah. We are always together, experiencing things together, talking and trying to process different things we see together, working side by side. So I thought it was just as important to tell you about this part of my trip as well. I love you Hannah. Thanks for taking a huge step of faith and coming to Kenya this summer 🙂 love, Morgan


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5 thoughts on “Hannah

  1. Morgan’s dad says 🙂

    • Sorry for the confusion – the smiley face was supposed to appear AFTER “Morgan’s dad says” Morgan’s dad is HAPPY that Hannah has been such a positive influence/inspiration/friend to Morgan. I’m thrilled that Hannah heard God calling and decided to accompany Morgan to Kajiado.

  2. Ann Lorenzen on said:

    What a lovely gift – the beautiful words that you have written about Hannah.
    I so appreciate you and the tender, deep and loving insights into Hannah and your special friendship with her. Wow! So glad that you presented this amazing opportunity to serve in Kenya side by side. I can just picture you two walking along the path memorizing God’s word. God is surely smiling down on you both.
    God’s blessings to you today and always.
    Love, Hannah’s mom

  3. Stephanie on said:

    I’m so proud of you! You both amaze me 🙂 Praying for you lots

  4. Liane on said:

    You two are the cutest friends ever 🙂 I know Hannah loves you back! You girls are so amazing!

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